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Small Sphere Nebulizer

Small Sphere Nebulizer

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This product is a diffuser with a dome bottom and a top that comes to a point. Its unique design allows for effective and efficient diffusion of your desired aromas. When you turn the knob and hear a click the nebulizer will turn on with low pressure. While on, the light will slowly change colors. By turning the knob higher the pressure and aroma will increase.

What is a Nebulizer?
This type of aroma diffuser is made entirely of glass and utilizes essential oils for its diffusion process. It features two glass tubes that use pressure to diffuse the oils, creating a fragrant and inviting atmosphere.

How to use it?
Each nebulizer includes a dropper for filling the tank with essential oil. The max line is indicated at the point where the two tubes are attached in the middle. Each is different for their setting which we include at the top! But not only do they produce the most potent aromas but also are a breeze to use.

For cleaning, remove any left over oil using the dropper, you can put the oil back into the bottle too! Then remove the glass and add in rubbing alcohol. Feel free to let it sit or swoosh it around. For a deeper cleaning, you can add in the rubbing alcohol to the fill line and turn it on for about 1-3mins. Empty it out and now its ready for use. Note, if you use water for cleaning you have to make sure all the water is gone and dried before use.

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